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Greater Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem – Digital Health Inequities

6th December 2021 @ 11:00 13:00

The global pandemic has highlighted the extensive health inequities that exist in our society, as well as accelerated the uptake of digital technologies in frontline health and social care delivery. Digital technologies are a double edged sword when it comes to health disparities: they have the potential to make health and care delivery more equitable (e.g., by reducing the need to travel) but can also easily exclude groups or amplify existing inequities. For instance, digital health technologies may reproduce racial and gender disparities via the people building them or though the data used to train them, and digital transformation can widen health inequities through the ‘digital divide’. In this Greater Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem, we will address the topic of digital health inequities through insights from academia, industry, and healthcare practice.

More information and agenda to follow.