The Greater Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem is collaborative environment that brings together academia, industry, health professionals, commissioners & procurers of health services and products, patients and representative organisations, to deliver connected health solutions across Greater Manchester.

The Ecosystem works in conjunction with a number of key strategic partners across the Health & Social Care spectrum to deliver this, such as the GM Academic Health Science Network (GMAHSN), Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) Councils, NHS England, Foundation Trust hospitals, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Industry.


The aim of the Ecosystem is to create a collaborative, innovation-friendly environment to enable all members to benefit from the rapidly expanding connected health marketplace, and the opportunities afforded by the devolution of Greater Manchester’s £6bn health and social care budget.

With a large and diverse membership across academia, the NHS, industry, Public Health & local government, the Ecosystem can potentially benefit participants in a number of ways:


  • Understanding of user needs and priorities
  • Co-development of solutions and innovations
  • Access to professional independent cost-benefit evaluation & independent, clinical evaluation of innovations
  • Opportunities for sustainable deployment of products in an innovation-friendly environment

Health and Social Care Commissioner & Provider Organisations

  • Opportunity to inform research agendas
  • Development of more efficient & higher quality care services
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology and knowledge
  • Access to professional independent cost-benefit evaluation & independent, clinical evaluation of innovations
  • Supported sustainable deployment of products and innovations
  • Addressing unmet needs & priorities through being early adopters

Research & Academia

  • Access to state-of-the-art technology and knowledge in industry and other partner organisations
  • Develop an understanding of user needs & priorities
  • Opportunity to inform research agenda
  • Develop partnerships to apply for Research Council, and other, funding streams

Patient Groups, Third Sector & Charity Organisations

  • Addressing of unmet needs and priorities
  • Influencing design and deployment of new services
  • Providing a voice for the service user, carer, and consumer
  • Opportunity to engage with partners and develop own research and funding opportunities
  • Early adopter of new technologies

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