EU_SHAFE at the 3rd DHSS and IGF 2021

24 January 2022

On the 23rd and 24th of November 2021 and the 6th of December 2021, the EU_SHAFE project was showcased in two large international events: the 3rd Digital Health Society Summit and the Internet Governance Forum 2021.

Organised by the Digital Health Society and ECHAlliance the Summit was held virtually with over 780 registrations from 68 Countries and it represented an international “stage” to showcase pioneering regional initiatives on health data and data sharing and discuss strategies to accelerate investments in ready-to-market data-driven solutions.

The EU_SHAFE achievements and outcomes have been showcased in one of the 20 virtual booths part of the Summit virtual exhibition that has been opened to the public for the entire duration of the event.

At the IGF 2021, hosted this year by the Government of Poland, international stakeholders coming from all disciplines (e.g., governments, private ‎sector, civil society and technical communities) had the chance to network and exchange best practices for an open, safer and accessible Internet for all.

The EU_SHAFE project, represented by Claudia Fernandez Rivera from the Technological University Dublin, has been one of the panellists of the session “Are we shaping the digital market to all citizens?”. The panel investigated, from different cornerstones, the fundamental need to design, develop, and deliver accessible ICTs to everyone, especially to unprivileged groups, as the digital divide leads to the spread of disinformation, uneven access to public services and to participatory democracy processes. The session recording is available here.

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