EU Health Policy Platform 2020 Thematic Network on “Profiling and training the health workers of the future” First Webinar

9 April 2020

The 2020 Health Policy Platform Thematic Network ‘Profiling and training the healthcare workers of the future’, co-led by Health First Europe together with EHMA, and involving ECHAlliance between other relevant EU members, has held its first live streamed webinar entitled: “Continuity and coordination of care: preparing the health care workforce to meet the needs of chronic patients” on the 7th of April 2020.

The webinar, opened by representatives of the EC DG Santè and that has seen the participation of more than 70 attendees, has focused on the discussion of study cases on diabetes and heart failure with respect to workforce education and skills.  

During the webinar, practical examples on how education and training can improve continuity and coordination of care for those in need have been provided, highlighting the importance of the preparedness of the healthcare workforce to enhance public health policies implementation and the safety of citizens.

This first out of four webinars that will be organised by the EUHPP Thematic Network ‘Profiling and training the healthcare workers of the future’ provided useful insights for the elaboration of the Thematic Network Joint Statement whose goal is to support the European Commission and its Members States in profiling the educational needs of the healthcare staff, identifying and improving their core competences and pointing out their critical role in the debate about health system reforms, digitalisation and new and future models of care.




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