Sweden - North Sweden Life Science Ecosystem

North Sweden has a strong innovation climate but is also a sparsely populated area. Together with long distances to large markets, these are unique conditions and challenges that have attracted new knowledge and smart solutions. For example, in digital areas such as e-health. We have distinguished ourselves internationally in areas such as public health and health care science, rural medicine, medical technology, data-driven life science, AI and ICT.
Sweden – North Sweden Life Science Ecosystem

Country based:


Although, or maybe because of, long distances we have an openness between regions, organisations, and different actors. We collaborate to move ideas to innovative solutions. We also have a very digitalized society- from young to old, who demand a state-of-the-art digitalized care at the forefront.


We provide development and collaboration opportunities for researchers, healthcare providers and industry, both within and outside the region. We value strong collaborations and contact networks internationally.
In order to exchange knowledge and experiences we arrange several events.


Current focus areas:

Cognitive disorders
AI & decision support
E-Health literacy

Umea University

We aim to create a focal point for connected health and optimize regional healthcare by connecting healthcare organisations, academia, and industry. Thereby expanding resources, reducing costs, and solving complex healthcare problems faster than any one group alone.

Our ecosystem creates a community that exchanges knowledge and learning, but also opportunities for collaboration, research and innovation. Collaboration that will improve the way health and care is delivered in Northern Sweden and introduce new innovative technology and services.

Key Links

Umea University
Region Västerbotten
Umea University Innovation Office


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Ecosystem Coordinators

Maria Jansson

Collaboration Strategist at Luleå Technical University

Mats Falck

Coordinator at Umeå University Innovation Office and project manager for Support Office for Life Science & Health

Sara Nilsson

Project support officer at Region Västerbotten

Nils Sandberg

Head of EU project office at Region Västerbotten

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