Scotland - Scottish Digital Health and Care Ecosystem

The Scottish Ecosystem brings health, social care, housing, emergency services, voluntary sector, academic, industry and civic stakeholders together to create a community that exchanges knowledge and learning, and creates opportunities for collaboration and innovation that will improve the way health and care is delivered in Scotland, through the use of new innovative technology & services.
Scottish Digital Health and Care Ecosystem

Country based:


The Ecosystem is hosted by the Scottish Government’s Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation Division and is governed by a strong working group with members representing the key stakeholder groups and sectors.

Our vision is that innovation in digital health and care will help the Scottish population to live longer and healthier lives, while creating new jobs for the economy.


Our stakeholder engagement and network activities reflect our ethos that knowledge exchange drives service improvement when all the relevant stakeholders are engaged.

We provide space to share lessons from implementation for multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral stakeholders to learn, inform and collaborate.
Our knowledge transfer activities include:

  • Annual Scottish Digital Health and Care Learning Network Day
  • Annual Scottish Digital Health and Care Conference and related week of events
  • Online e.g. webinars and webcasts
  • Topic specific events and workshops
  • International conferences
  • Study visits

In addition, knowledge dissemination of relevant reports, policy and collaboration opportunities via:

  • If you would like to be kept updated about our Ecosystem activities, please contact Nessa Barry
  • @TECScotland
  • Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care

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TEC Scotland




Ecosystem Coordinators

Nessa Barry


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