Basque Country Health Ecosystem Kick Off During The Digital Health Congress 2019: Challenges To Move Forward

16 September 2019

Brian O’Connor, Chair, ECHAlliance and Joan Cornet, Director of the Digital Health Observatory had the opportunity to participate at the Digital Health Congress 2019 on 12 & 13 September in San Sebastian.

Digital transformation is a necessity, but it is also shaping up as opportunity. If we all work in the same direction, we can move forward towards value-based, efficient and sustainable health.

The main topic of this Congress:

  1. Improve the attention to citizens
  2. How to jump to the Data Revolution
  3. Presentation of Projects and Communications
  4. The opportunity of the Medical image
  5. Challenges to move forward

Brian O’Connor ECHAlliance chair was the keynote speaker.


Taking advantage of the presence of Brian O’Connor and Joan Cornet, director of the Digital Health Observatory, took place the kick off of the Euskadi Health Ecosystem, based on the 10 priorities of the Health Department of the Basque Country Government:

1. Create an independent Digital Health Organism

2. Reorganization of clinical information

3. To enhance the patient as a center of the Health Care System

4. Attention to chronic diseases

5. New medical history systems

6. Diagnosis by image

7. Digital pathology

8. Telemedicine

9. Advanced Data Analysis, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

10. Open Data

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