2021 ECHAlliance Group Annual Report Now Available!

19 May 2022


Dear all,

2021 has been a challenging yet very encouraging year.

It represented a pivotal moment, in which every organisation needed to make a key choice. In our case, it was a decision between either accepting what was and hoping everything would return to normal or calmly understanding the changed situation and viewing it as an opportunity.

That said, once you decide where you are going, you quickly figure out all the routes available to reach that destination.

This past year, we chose to further expand as a not-for-profit organisation, using a mix of virtual and in-person tools and launching our Global Health Connector Partnership. Our response stemmed from the increased demand for sharing information, exchanging best practices and maximising impact-driven collaborations.

In the same vein, the ECHAlliance team grew, welcoming fresh perspectives and experiences to support our current and newer endeavours–an example being the latest implementation plan conceived by the Executive Team.

It was clear that embracing the “new normal” would allow us and our global community to achieve stronger, faster and more measurable outcomes. This would then culminate in ensuring a better match between needs and solutions in the digital health realm.

As you read through the annual report, you will see these results in clear and even visual terms. I am proud to present this to you all, because it reiterates how change can be positive and drive even more impact.

We are now in better shape than ever to achieve our aim of promoting better care for all citizens worldwide.

The momentum is growing, and ECHAlliance is leading the way.

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