Zooming into Spain: A Digital Health Fitness Check

21 March 2022

With the HealthTech Charter officially launched, we are zooming into the digital health ecosystem of Member States. The Spanish Fitness Check will share perspectives of leading entrepreneurs, policy makers, and healthcare stakeholders on the regulatory opportunities & challenges of digital health innovation in Spain.

All too often digital health innovators invest time and resources navigating complex regulatory measures across Europe. This, in turn, hinders digital health solutions from reaching their full potential. We believe startup founders should be preoccupied only with what they do best – innovating. 

With the HealthTech Charter officially launched – a best-practice repository of the most empowering policies/measures for digital health innovation across Europe – we encourage policy makers to adopt similar practices that ease the process of starting and scaling across the EU. We propose zooming in at the Member State level and conducting a ‘Fitness Check’ of the Spanish digital health innovation ecosystem. What national initiatives and regulations empower DTx innovators? Where is there room for improvement? 

We are currently in the process of connecting to startups, healthtech entrepreneurs, and relevant ecosystem actors working in the Spanish context who would be willing to collaborate on this project. We would like to hear from you! Reach out to us and get involved at [email protected].

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