Workshop examining emerging fair data economy business models in health data Ecosystems on 26th January

19 January 2022

ECHAlliance is collaborating with our member SITRA to hold a workshop open to Finnish companies working in digital health and data. This is part of SITRA’s Fair Data Economy programme and links to our new Digital Health Data thematic Ecosystem. Watch out for more news on the results of the event next month.

About the workshop

Pioneering organisations are moving towards creating data-based shared services in collaboration with ecosystem partners. This creates new business opportunities in health data ecosystems. The workshop will discuss the latest position and experiences in ECHAlliance Ecosystems and European health data ecosystems and examine how Finnish ecosystems can create more business and value in both national and international markets. 

Fair data ecosystems create future business opportunities. The shift from value chains to platform economies and then towards open ecosystems is vital for Finnish ecosystems to compete globally. Pioneering organisations in health sector are already entering the fourth phase of the data economy: moving towards data-based shared services created with ecosystem partners.

The aim of the workshop is to share best practices and knowledge from European Ecosystems with participants and learn how to overcome obstacles in health data ecosystems. Providing food for thought and tools to increase the competitiveness of Finnish health data ecosystems by means of a fair data economy is at the core of the workshop.

In the workshop, you will

  • learn from the experiences of European health data ecosystems – challenges, success factors, lessons learned and future development plans
  • evaluate ecosystem business model maturity in Finnish health sector
  • discuss and share ideas on how to create more value for ecosystem participants, scale internationally and make ecosystems thrive

The workshop is aimed at decision-makers, researchers, companies, funders, public authorities, public entities, NGOs and other ecosystem actors in health sector, as well as others interested in the topic.


10.00 EETCreating new business in health data ecosystems
Saara Malkamäki, Sitra
10.15Workshop part 1: Ecosystem business model maturity
10.30Co-operation between 70 international country and regional ecosystems in ECHAlliance network
Andy Bleaden
Bleddyn Rees, ECHAlliance
10.40Panel: Experiences from European health data ecosystems and the wider global health data market
11.20Workshop part 2: How to create more value, scale internationally and make ecosystems thrive?
11.50Summary, feedback and next steps
Saara Malkamäki, Sitra
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