Why Nordic Collaboration Matters

13 November 2019
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22 Nordic Healthtech companies were gathered on “Deep Dive Hannover” to study the challenges in the German market for digital health. And Nordic collaboration matters, read more about why.

The combined area of the Nordic countries forms the 7th largest nation in the world. The region has a population of around 27-28 million people. The Nordic countries cluster near the top in numerous metrics of national performance, including education, economic competitiveness, civil liberties, quality of life and human development. The Nordic countries share the Nordic model of economy, social structure, and a universal welfare sector financed by taxes.

The Nordic collaboration generates an added value when Nordic Healthtech companies are facing external markets together. The German healthcare market is not easy to access and much can be leaned by exchanging knowledge, ideas and strategies amongst the Nordic companies, says Karen Lindegaard, Welfare Tech, who on behalf of five Nordic clusters was leading the Nordic participants during the Deep Dive.

The 10th-12thof September 2019, 22 companies and 5 cluster managers were gathered on a fact-finding tour to Hannover in collaboration with the German cluster Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover (GWH). 

Deep Dive Hannover Digital Health & Care 4.0

The hospitality was out-standing,  and it was an impressive beginning of the Deep Divethat the Mayor of Hannover  Thomas Hermann, spend the evening listening to the standing pitch of all the Nordic Companies and Hannover Impulsinvited all the participants on a exquisite dinner and networking evening. Foto: Florian Ege/Welfare Tech.

During the 48 hours in Hannover, the 22 companies visited hospitals, nursing-homes and homecareservices, and got a good to the challenges and needs in the German Healthcare sector.

”Nice pictures from Deep Dive Hannover last week! Very good trip with visits to e.g. a local hospital and nursing home. Glad to have connected with many people both locally in Germany and with the trip participants – good discussions also afterwards when back home in Finland! Thank you Welfare Tech!”

-Heart2SaveSe more from the trip here (via LinkedIn)

We are experiencing a huge interest amongst companies in the Nordic collaboration says Karen Lindegaard, and the participation in the Digital Health & Care 4.0 is a good indicator. In the first year of the programme we have had +150 participants representing 129 unique companies (distribution per nationality: DK 38, SE 46, N 15, FI 22, IS 5 and Other countries 4).

Besides insights and contacts in German healthcare sector, the companies also found new Nordic leads, opportunities or perhaps even a partner.

Be part of the next activities in Digital Health & Care 4.0

Have you become interested in the Nordic/German collaboration? – then it is still possible for you to take part in the activities.You can participate in:

The Deep Dive was a part of the project Digital Health & Care 4.0, that is supported by Nordic Innovation and the Nordic prime ministers under the initiative Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges Initiative

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Article Source: https://en.welfaretech.dk/updates/2019/october/why-nordic-collaboration-matters

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