What are the reasons for becoming a member of ECHAlliance?

10 October 2019

Our Director Andy Bleaden writes here about becoming a member of ECHAlliance.

As a member organisation our interests are fixed to those of our members and many people  I meet at our ecosystem meetings ask what is the benefit of becoming a member for me or my organisation?

My answer is always simple:

“Look around you… The room is full of people from across the region making connections and networking using direct introductions we have made.”

We have done that because they are our members and the people we have introduced them to are also our members or our connections or indeed connections of our members. They in turn trust us only to introduce and connect them to people we know they want collaborate with as we have listened to their needs when they joined us and when we meet. 

Very often our first question to our members is what do you do and how can we help you?

Basically what is your ask?

This allows us to understand their needs better and be able to connect them better.

Quite often people also approach and ask for introductions or access to events or funding information without becoming a member of to prime their innovation and we politely decline and ask a simple question. Why should we connect you to our members unless you are a member as well as they have taken the very little  time and effort needed to join us?

We also offer our members many services which you can see here

In a nutshell we offer:

  • Connections
  • Showcasing opportunities
  • Collaboration and partnership opportunities
  • Funding and tenders opportunities
  • Promotion
  • Discounts to major health events

Membership don’t forget is free for most government and public bodies and not for profits and as little as €450 per for start ups.

They are many dots in health and social care. In a world of large healthcare network many connections can look like dots. Many of them are involved in transforming health and social care and breaking down silos. We have a large global network of members and contacts.

Our job at ECHAlliance as the Global Connector is to serve our members.  We serve our members by connecting the dots

Listen to one of our members testimonial

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