Welfare Tech concept popular abroad – even more companies gets feedback on entry into new markets

14 April 2021

Welfare Tech has received a lot of positive feedback on a virtual concept that helps companies on their way into new markets. Via our international partners, the concept is now on its way to e.g. Great Britain, Germany and the Baltics.

Ask questions about your next market and get answers.

It’s basically what Welfare Tech’s new success concept offers. Since autumn, more than 50 Danish and foreign companies have used the virtual concept Booster Board, where participants can get advice on their way into new markets.

The Booster Board sessions have been arranged in collaboration with health clusters in Sweden, Finland and Norway, and there are already plans for companies in a number of other countries to benefit from the Welfare Tech concept.

– I’m very excited about the Booster Board. The concept is so simple, yet so effective. It was definitely a pleasure to be a part of, and we look forward to developing this further, says Minna Komu from the Finnish health cluster Oulu Health.

What is a Booster Board?

Booster Board is an online concept where three to five companies at a time get the opportunity to pitch their solution and ask three specific questions to an expert panel representing a new market.- initially, Welfare Tech has invited companies to Booster Boards with a focus on the market in Denmark, the Nordic countries and Germany.

The panel consists of a number of experts who provide companies with feedback on their product pitch and provide answers to their questions. Each panel consists of experts from, for example, a municipality, a hospital, a cluster (network), a knowledge institution and a company. Subsequently, the participating companies can provide feedback to each other and network.

Feedback, networking and knowledge of new market

Welfare Tech has completed 14 sessions of Booster Boards – focusing on Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The Booster Boards were hosted by the Nordic cluster organizations Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Business Region Gothenburg and Oulu Health, with whome Welfare Tech, since 2015, has built up a close collaboration under the name NorCare.

There is positive feedback from all three partnering countries:

– It is a good concept that offers companies a main entrance to a new market. The healthcare sectors differ from country to country, so it is a clear advantage to have relevant actors together on one screen, says Iris Öhrn, Investment Advisor, Business Region Göteborg AB.

Arild Kristensen, CEO of Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, says:

– This is a good concept with easy access to feedback. Participants gain insightful knowledge and potentially a new network through the panel and the other companies. The experience of the other companies in the session can also be beneficial.

Iris Öhrn from Gothenburg adds that a Booster Board also provides new knowledge to the experts in the panel:

– We in the panel also learn something about each other’s competencies, and it strengthens the network and the overall system. We all want a flexible innovation system within the healthcare system, and a concept such as the Booster Board can help to break down barriers.

Strengthens collaboration for the benefit of companies

It is Welfare Tech‘s international coordinator, Karen Lindegaard, who together with her colleagues has developed the Booster Board concept, as a response to the fact that the corona crisis risked slowing down the companies’ work with internationalization.

Karen Lindegaard says that the concept also strengthens the network between the European clusters and thus the value propositions for the companies.

– We are happy that the concept has been a success, because much work has been put into it on Welfare Tech’s part. We spend a lot of time finding the right experts from each country and matching them to the companies. Here, Welfare Tech’s international network is a clear advantage, and it has even been further strengthened in the work of organizing the Booster Boards, says Karen Lindegaard.

At Welfare Tech, we look forward to being able to utilize our international network, experience and competencies when we merge into Denmark’s new national health cluster Danish Life Science Cluster.

The Danish clusters collaborate with the Nordic cluster organizations Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Business Region Gothenburg and Oulu Health, which Welfare Tech, since 2015, has built up a close collaboration under the name NorCare.

By Lotte Overbjerg, Welfare Tech, [email protected]

For more information contact Karen Lindegaard, Welfare Tech, [email protected]

SOURCE: https://en.welfaretech.dk/updates/2021/april/welfare-tech-concept-popular-abroad-even-more-companies-gets-feedback-on-entry-into-new-markets

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