Welcome Lime Family Elderly Care Company from China as Foundation Partner

14 January 2019

Lime Family Elder Care Co. Ltd. is a national new high-tech enterprise registered in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in 2014, positioned as an overall operator of “internet + aged service”. Taking root in Chinese culture and based on modern information & intelligent technology, LimeFamily has established the constantly-evolutionary standardization system, aged talents education system, service R&D system, elder care cloud and big data platform to form the elder care ideas and operation management systems suitable for China‘s national condition.

Lime Family is Headquartered in Beijing. It provides services and products to the Elderly, currently in 8 Provinces, 15 Cities to 100,000 People.

It employs and trains 3,000 Carers and supplies it’s services in Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers and through visits to peoples homes.

It prides itself on the quality of care it provides and invests in Technologies and Services and Training to ensure it has the resources to maintain  its quality service.

It has created a Strategic Alliance with the ECHAlliance to provide opportunities for its members to enter China with the Lime Family.

The CEO Zhang Jingbo said

“We are determined to continue to grow significantly in a market where there is huge demand and need. We recognise we must have an understanding of the trends in Skills, Training and Technologies not only in China but throughout the World. Our decision to have this Strategic Alliance with ECHAlliance and its Global Partners will enable us to achieve our ambitions”.

Brian O’Connor, Chair ECHAlliance said

“We all know there is huge demand and opportunity in China, however we also know that longlasting partnerships are those that work and are sustainable. We have spent time identifying real opportunities and this is a great one. Our members will be given access to a quality company which has already achieved a lot and we look forward to many years of partnership with Jingbo and the team”.

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