Migraine Ireland: a Patient Orientated Organisation for People That Suffer with Migraine

18 April 2023

Migraine Ireland is the new member to join our network. Here you can find some information about them and about their mission

The Migraine Association of Ireland is a Patient Orientated Organisation, Providing Information and Support for People That Suffer with Migraine, in an Overlooked Environment.

Migraine Ireland (Migraine Association of Ireland) is a registered charity dedicated to empowering migraineurs & their families by providing information, support and reassurance.

This is achieved by providing an InfoLine service for sufferers of migraine. MAI primary objective is to raise awareness of the condition in the general population and in the population of the health professionals in particular.

Migrain is Ireland’s only patient charity providing support, education, information and reassurance to people suffering from migraine and other headache disorders. They provide free educational courses on self management and understanding migraine for people with migraine, and certified health professional courses for GPs and other HCPs.

They also lobby and advocate on behalf of migraine sufferers to access new treatments and to ensure they have access to current treatments. They operate an Information Line and produce a member’s magazine three times a year with national and international news of interest to those with migraine. They also have a variety of information resources on social media and we have a selection of information leaflets including our migraine diary to help track and identify your triggers. To find out more please click on the relevant link below.

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