We are delighted to welcome our new Israeli Ecosystem, read the interesting interview with its coordinator

13 January 2021

We are pleased to welcome the Arc Innovation at Sheba Medical Center Ecosystem. Read the interesting interview with Karen Biala, Israeli Ecosystem Coordinator below.

Who are the key stakeholders? 

Our key stakeholders are academic medical centers, startups, and industry partners. 

What are the main objectives of your ecosystems? 

Our main objectives are to implement digital health solutions that will improve healthcare across the globe.

Why did you join the ECHAlliance Network of Ecosystems? 

Our organization is interested in partnering with other ecosystems to collaborate on initiatives, including projects funded by Horizon grants.

Who is missing from your ecosystem in terms of stakeholders?

We believe we cover the major stakeholders but would like to engage them more.

Which ecosystems are you looking to collaborate with? 

We are happy to collaborate with all ecosystems whose vision to transform healthcare aligns with ours.

Visit the Israeli Ecosystem page here

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