Want to play a part in resolving the current health crisis by innovating and digitalising health care? Come study Health Care Technology MSc in TalTech!

7 May 2020

Why it is the best time to study digital health right now?

Digital technologies have an enormous impact on individual health and society’s well-being. New digital solutions are needed to respond to the future challenges of rapidly changing health care delivery. In the light of current events, the world is faced with a totally new situation, as the outbreak of the coronavirus pushed our resources to the limit. Telemedicine and remote consultations have become more important than ever.While the majority of health care resources are focused on COVID-19, people with other conditions and concerns need to be treated as well. In the future, our health care systems should be better prepared for quickly deploying new technologies. This is an experience we can build on, educating specialists and leaders, able to create and use digital tools and innovate the current health care systems in order to prepare us better for future circumstances alike.

Admission is FREE for citizens from EU/EEA countries! Application deadline is 1st of June 2020! Minimum previous education requirements: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Health, Social, Natural Sciences, IT, Public Administration, Economics or Law.

Watch the video and see what our students think about studying Health Care Technology in TalTech!

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