VitalCareUK is working directly with a biotech entrepreneur and companies in China to obtain medical protection equipment supplies and rapid test kit with proven data behind COVID-19

6 April 2020

VitalCare are a manufacturer of medical devices, HQ in England, production located in China with a wide capable network. Because we manufacture, we have in-house expertise in procurement, quality control & verification, and logistics.  Our customers are some of the big healthcare companies in continence care, obstetrics and general surgery.

VitalCare are one of the original blood sampling device suppliers to NHS England, since 2004 when the Framework Agreement was set up.  We continue to have a range of our own branded blood sampling products sold directly to Hospitals in the UK.


So far we have been identifying high quality, genuine N95 masks, NIOSH, FDA/CE and 3 ply masks for customers in the USA and Australia mainly.  We have had some success but you need to be quick and have the customers pre-payment and commitment to buy at short notice.

We have won a contract to supply Virus Testing Kits (sterile swabs and preservative medium) to NHS Scotland. 

We are working with a biotech entrepreneur and PHD in China to obtain a rapid test kit with proven data behind it. If this project to be useful to smaller countries that cant access tests from the big suppliers due to huge government orders.

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