Virtual Biotech Cafe 2022 V. Lithuanian Startup stories: Meeting Genie Biotech

26 July 2022

The Lithuanian Biotechnology Association invited you join live broadcast of *Virtual Biotech Cafe 2022* at 3 pm. July 14. Our guest was – Grigorij Sutov, CEO of the biotech startup Genie Biotech. Discussion moderator – Agnė Vaitkevičienė. 

About the company

Genie Biotech has developed a proprietary site-specific conjugation technology which they called GenieTag. It allows ‘to activate’ protein for ‘click chemistry’ at a single position per one protein molecule and then we can attach other things to the activated protein (i.e. nanoparticles, immunomodulants, half-life extension moieties, fluorescent dyes etc..). So in other words, their tag acts as a ‘position-specific’ nano-glue. At the moment, they are looking at applications of our technology and the most interesting 3 areas are: recombinant protein-based, multimerized vaccines, slow/sustained delivery of therapeutic proteins and antibody conjugates.

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