Updates from the DHI – Scotland Covid-19 Test and Protect (TAP)

12 January 2021

DHI C19 – Online Contact Tracing Form (Co3)Project Update

  1. NHS Onboarding

Status on onboarding as of 9th December at 10am.

  • Eight boards now using CO3 (Lothian, GG&C, Grampian, Tayside, Fife, Borders, Lanarkshire, D&G
  • Six boards using it for fully automated results delivery
  • Further two boards due to onboard to CO3 this week 
  • Island boards have been trained on service but intentionally not activating as their manual service is quicker with low numbers.

2. Public Use

The data is taken from when Tayside started using CO3 on 16th November. Please note this data is taken from the CO3 service and APIs telemetry. They do not account for edge cases on contacts / settings not reaching the National Case Management System. NSS BI team responsible for the more complete reporting on an ongoing basis. In summary:

  • 52% conversion rate from users who view a a Co3 enabled positive test result message to then proceeding to interact with the CO3 form
  • Total of 3799 contacts and settings shared to date  
  • Average of 2.9 contacts per person

3. Time to Self-Contact Tracing

Data below is for last seven days and is based on sessions rather than unique users.

Average time from viewing positive result to adding last contact: 1hr 26mins

51 mins is average time taken to start self-tracing to adding last contact.

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