Uniting heartaches to inspire resilience

27 January 2022

Learn more about Transplant Helpers, an international team made up of NGOs that are dedicated to assisting transplant recipients or waiting patients, created by MultiplicateX7 – Casa Justina.

From MultiplicateX7 and Casa Justina we created the Transplant Helpers. It is an international team made up of NGOs that are dedicated to assisting transplant recipients or waiting patients. To those who lost a loved one and donated their organs. To all that person and her surroundings; in diverse challenges of treatment and medication. Although also in social, psychological containment with high sensitivity to their anguish.

Why? Because words convince and above all: actions sweep. Because this Community in isolation has achieved some steps, and synergistically is unstoppable. Because by strengthening the Community of all those who help patients waiting for a transplant or transplanted, all the actors in the ecosystem benefit, with a focus and priority on patients and their environments.

What is the goal? To synergize the actors of the health ecosystem. To increase and improve the resources of the community. To generate insights for the promoters. To enrich the actors of the health system.

With whom? The community of Transplant Helpers is made up of: Patients and environments; NGOs; Healthcare professionals; Health Entities; Universities; Laboratories; Social Works and prepaid; Government and companies from other areas such as Technology, Food, Retail and others are joining.

How and with what? The Community of #TransplantHelpers building on: (1) Patient rights & explanation of laws; (2) Tools for NGOs, from networking to seeking funding; (3) Empowerment of Health Professionals by adding Medical Auditors; (4) Containment in welfare in a. healthy eating, sports, meditation; b. in support of the patient’s environment, emotional support, resolution and c. standardization of procedures, support in obtaining resources (product reselling).

We leave you a video that we have made, among other actions, to raise awareness and facilitate adherence to treatment, communicating:


Discover more about Multiplicatex7 Casa Justina:

Casa Justina started as a campaign (#MultiplicateX7) to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation that broke records and led to a historic number of registered organ donors in Argentina in 2017. After that, their mission now is to make Argentina a leader in organ donation.

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