Understanding The End User Of Technical Innovations Related To Physical Activity

29 January 2020

More people than ever before are using technology to monitor and track their health, wellbeing and performance. The health and fitness technology have the potential of empowering users to take a proactive role and be more physical active. It is a complex field with not only the need for producing hardware or bringing the right information to the right person at the right time but also the need to model and integrate user preferences into health technology.

The report at hand is based on a digital survey that has been conducted by Nordic Innovation Center for Physical Activity and Health (Nord InC) and was issued to residents in the Bothnic region of Sweden and Finland. It is intended to serve as a support to product developers and innovators in the field of technology driven health promotion by mapping the experiences and needs of current and potential end users of digital products and services related to an active lifestyle.

The objective of the report is to survey the field of digital products and services related to physical activity and health from a user perspective. Hence, it rather reflects the respondents ́ awareness of available digital products and services and not necessarily the actual range of products that are available on the market.

By taking a user-centered approach we believe that the report can serve as an indicator of the technical readiness of the investigated population. Moreover, it can demonstrate which kind of products and services already broadly adopted and identifies areas where there is a perceived unmet need for health promoting digital innovations.#

On the behalf of the Nord InC
Andreas Hult, report author
Anna Nordström, project leader

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