Tunstall Healthcare proud to join ECHAlliance to spearhead Technology Enabled Care across Europe

29 October 2018

Technology enabled care specialist has become a Platinum member of the international lobbying organisation.

Tunstall Healthcare, as the leading technology enabled care provider, is delighted to announce its membership of the European Connected Health (ECHAlliance). Tunstall recognises the work that ECHAlliance has already undertaken to drive the industry forward. Tunstall will be working closely with the ECHAlliance team to support the next phase of growth in the technology enabled health and care market.

ECHAlliance is a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder network that aims to facilitate international multi-stakeholder ecosystems in the health and social care sectors. Its community of more than 600 organisations – from start-ups and SMEs to larger companies and government organisations – along with more than 16,000 individual experts, works together to share innovations and ideas in fields such as mobile health, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearables, personalised medicine and big data.

As a Platinum member of the ECHAlliance, Tunstall will be a leading voice within the extensive ECH community; listening, supporting and inspiring others with real-life cases of successful technology enabled care (TEC) projects, as well as participating in events and projects relevant to the healthcare industry.

Tunstall specialises in TEC services that support older people and those with long-term needs to live more independently through technologies such as alarms and sensors placed throughout the home and telehealth solutions to monitor conditions without unnecessary intervention.

Martin Jeffries, chief marketing officer at Tunstall said:

“Technology enabled care isn’t just about the technology – it’s also about truly joined-up and collaborative approaches to developing new solutions, and being keen to share ideas with each other. Being a Platinum member underlines our ongoing commitment to the connected care marketplace and will enable us to participate more actively in the European connected care community, playing a central role in developing the next generation of digital innovation.

“We are especially looking forward to learning from fellow members in other territories, and discussing how we can apply those learnings to health and social care challenges across the globe.”

About Tunstall Healthcare Group


Tunstall has pioneered the use of technology to enable independent living, creating the Connected Healthcare industry as we know it today, and supporting more than five million people and their families across the world. Tunstall was the first to develop alarm systems for older people, and has continued to lead the market ever since, remaining at the forefront of developments such as telecare and telehealth, right up to the present day where we are harnessing the power of digital technology.

We blend British design and manufacturing with externally sourced innovation to create a cost effective portfolio of services, underpinned by our global experience of enhancing care in the home for people in more than fifty countries. As the digital opportunity accelerates the speed of change, we continue to work in partnership with our customers to develop more ground-breaking, life-changing solutions.

Article Source: https://uk.tunstall.com/tunstall-healthcare-proud-to-join-echalliance-to-spearhead-technology-enabled-care-across-europe/

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