Transformational Potential of Telecare – User Journey perspective

6 July 2020

There is increasing interest in the potential of reactive, proactive and personalised telecare to address the health and care demands of an ageing population. In times of crisis the sense of urgency to include technology into daily care paths has increased, taking the pressure of our health & care systems. To increase safety and peace of mind for service users and their families and keeping them to live healthy and independently in their homes for longer. To provide what is of most value: connecting, from person to person.

What the value is of advanced levels of telecare from Tunstall’s person’s centred approach, we can illustrate with the user journey of Maria.

Maria is 65 years old and lives with her husband George who is 70 years old.

A detailed assessment at the start of using the telecare service indicates the service user’s support level, taking into account any risks in the field of social inclusion, health and the home environment. In this case, a tailor made telecare programme is provided to Maria based on her support needs and to improve her peace of mind by planned calls by a specialized operator, sensor technology to increase George’s safety in the home and informative campaigns to help Maria cope with her husbands’ Alzheimer’s.

Enabling them both to live life to the full in their own home for longer.

Multiple global exemplars of best practise of advanced levels of telecare can be found, but one of the constraints to date has been limited analysis of the operational and economic outcomes realisable by commissioners/payers. In response, Tunstall has funded a series of independent research studies evaluating these impacts.

Tunstall’s most recent independent research on the impact of Advanced Telecare in UK and Spain shows, among others: 8.6 month delay to residential care entry 54% reduction in emergency calls pp 36% reduction in ambulance call outs 98% perceived improvement of family’s piece of mind   When providing Proactive Telecare as illustrated by Maria’s user journey.

Wendy Hugoosgift Contreras, Global Proposition Director-Independent Living, Tunstall Healthcare Group comments: “Although our healthcare systems might be different in each of our territories, service users’ needs to live life to the full in a place of their choice is universal. And we are proud to be able to support our customers on a global scale with the positive impact the transition to advanced levels of telecare has proven to be. Not only in avoiding costs but also in providing better support for users and carers to live safely and independently for longer.”

For a copy of our most recent Potential of Advanced Telecare Whitepapers, please click here.

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