Time to learn more about the International Network of Permanent Connected Health Ecosystems

12 March 2019

The main objective of setting up a regional or local Ecosystem is to bring together a community of stakeholders, interested in developing health agendas, aiming to address and find common solutions to challenges facing that specific region. The main benefit of working together in an Ecosystem is the multiplier effect of collaborating in an International Network of Ecosystems.

The goal of an Ecosystem is to create ‘permanent’mutually beneficial partnerships, which improves the delivery of health and social care, at the same time as providing economic benefits. The Ecosystems provide collaborative partnerships working across sectors and have potential to shape and improve the future of health and care services.

To discuss existing or new ecosystems please contact a member of the Ecosystem Team [email protected]

Gregor Cuzak, based in Slovenia
Una Davey, based in Northern Ireland
Elisa Frenz, based in Germany.

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