TIC Salut Social: Envisioning the future: conversations with key opinion leaders

19 September 2019

The TIC Salut Social Foundation is part of the Catalan Ministry of Health in Spain. It promotes the development and use of ICT and networking in health; keeps abreast of new trends, innovation and emerging initiatives; and offers accreditation and product approval services. One of the foundation’s goals is to become a leader in the health and social sector, driving innovation in the use of ICT as a tool for the transformation of healthcare models

As the agent of digital transformation for Catalonia’s healthcare and social welfare sectors, TIC Salut Social works to adapt technological solutions to serve people, now and in the future.

With its focus on innovation, TIC Salut Social believes that sharing knowledge enriches the path to digital progress for all. Digital transformation is the starting point. The foundation works to identify, discuss, and promote approaches and opinions in collaboration with key figures. Catalonia’s key opinion leaders can openly share their ideas with their video audience, from members of the public to businesses, institutions and the world of research.

The Visions campaign emerged with this idea in mind. Visions is a new initiative based on actively addressing the needs of the health and care sectors and listening to the opinions of professionals on topics of interest. It’s a means to learn about newopportunities to innovate and maintain healthcare services which are constantly undergoing change. It facilitates change management and an ongoing adaptability to the needs of an increasingly interconnected society

Visions is a new exercise in digital communication to encourage networking and the exchange of opinions with noteworthy figures.

Visions regularly offers content in the form of a video interview posted on the foundation’s website. Recent interviewees included Genìs Roca, Spanish Internet expert and entrepreneur, on the use of data management and blockchain

Watch the Visions here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1vl0eEFiZr104Fg2rk-Y8w)

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