The Life-changing Impact of Wearable Technology

4 March 2021

When it comes to improving people’s access to better health and a better quality of life, wearable technology is bringing the future firmly within reach. Wearables have limitless untapped applications in the fields of health, wellbeing and fitness.

This is precisely the space where Thrive Wearables Ltd sets out to innovate and bring about exponential gains. They are a company motivated by amplifying the positive impact wearable technology can have on people’s lives.

Thrive are a UK-based team of designers, developers and engineers with a mission to solve global health challenges using the power of technology innovation, connected devices and data processing.

Thrive’s expertise in connected technology, their rigour in choosing best-in-class components and their multidisciplinary team’s skill set positions them as market leaders. They help global organisations, high growth technology companies, academic institutions, charities and SMEs to bring life-changing products from idea through prototyping to mass production and global markets.

They work with others both in a traditional consultation and ‘joint innovation’ model and use their know-how to build physical, digital and data systems to create life-changing wearable technology products that put people at the centre.

WHY work with Thrive:

  • bring your product to market faster
  • remove risks early by leveraging their proven model
  • tap into their diverse & experienced team’s collective know-how
  • they are experts at solving difficult engineering problems and combining complex technologies
  • their professional delivery team can act as an extension of your own

HOW Thrive work:

  • a purpose-driven organisation, they put impact on par with profit
  • their mission is to deliver exponential gains in the health and wellbeing space globally
  • they recruit the best creative and pragmatic minds in the business to strengthen their existing capabilities
  • they collaborate across business partnerships and academia
  • their traditional consultancy model lets you tap into their specialist knowledge when and where you need it

WHAT Thrive can help you with:

  • feasibility testing
  • technology roadmap
  • rapid prototype demonstration
  • end-to-end service (research, ideation, prototyping, delivery) to bring your product from idea to global mass market

WHO would benefit from collaborating with them:

  • organisations looking to bring a wearable tech product that positively impacts health, fitness or wellbeing to market
  • innovators who have developed a component applicable to wearable technology (they are always looking for the best solution providers out there to built trusted partnerships with)

WHERE to find them:

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