The ECHAlliance Team is proud to present its recently awarded EU project VALUECARE

14 August 2019

VALUECARE – Value-Based Methodology for Integrated Care supported by ICT

ECHAlliance is very much looking forward the kick off-of the Large Scale Pilot VALUECARE, a H2020 project submitted last April and recently awarded.

The project, that will start by the end of 2019 early 2020 and will be running over 4 years, is aimed at delivering efficient outcome-based integrated health and social care to older people facing cognitive impairment, frailty and multiple chronic health conditions in order to improve their and their families’ quality of life as well as the sustainability of the health and social care systems in Europe. The project’s vision of integrated value-based care will be supported by a robust, secure and scalable digital solution that will be tested and evaluated in 7 large-scale pilots in Europe following a sound methodology developed by the project partners together with the end-users.

ECHAlliance, part of the project consortium made up of 17 partners from 8 EU countries and led by the Erasmus Medical Centre, will give sound contributions to the VALUECARE overall objectives and will lead the project exploitation, innovation and business models’ strand of activities.

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