The ECHAlliance International Project Team lead the publication of a paper for the adoption of IPS standards in mHealth

15 March 2021

The international project team from ECHAlliance, in collaboration with HL7, Gnomon and DHACA within the Trillium II project, contributed to developing a business case for mHealth app developers and the adoption of international patient summary standards.

ECHAlliance is proud to announce a recent publication in the Journal of Business Models. Co-written by three members of our international project team (Valentina Tageo, Carina Dantas, and Federica Porcu) alongside other collaborators, the paper identifies and discusses two potential business models for patient summary standards in mobile health (mHealth). 

The work performed by the authors is rather insightful. It enhances the value provided by standards like Health Level 7 International (HL7) of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) for the International Patient Summary (IPS), by presenting and discussing two promising business models – Disaster management and MOCHA – Models of Child Health Appraised/Vaccination.

If you’re curious to understand how such business models could serve as the basis of continuous innovation and support mHealth app developers, then take a look at the publication. 

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