The bioroad – A pioneering project that helps to manage the innovation of new biotech companies

5 September 2022

The Bioroad is a Gamma Health Project in collaboration with Extremadura Avante. It is the first public incubator privately managed. We have more than 20 years of experience in turning innovation into successful businesses. We provide assessment in the development of the projects through incubation and investment for early stage projects that are eligible for The Bioroad incubation model. Our corporate team will support the project every step of the way, making the process easier. We are looking for biotech start-ups, entrepreneurs, and partners to launch the project into a European health ecosystem.

The bioroad supports the acceleration of ideas and projects in early launch phases by finding entrepreneurs willing to create projects that impact the life sciences and health. The objective is to validate new business ideas by providing support and advice for defining the business model of the participating projects, structuring their financing, having experience in solving any operational problems that may arise, and capturing the market value that each project has created.

We facilitate access to scientific and technological infrastructures for the prototyping and validation of pre-clinical and clinical prototypes certified in different regulatory frameworks, having direct contact with the following agents of the bioroad ecosystem.

We offer an incubation model that goes beyond the conventional one, which transforms innovation projects into successful businesses, partnering with incubated companies to define and achieve a growth roadmap in the financial sector and in the industry sector.

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