Tech Care for All: Democratizing healthcare training and care with digital solutions

5 May 2021

The pandemic has turbo-charged the move among healthcare professionals to digital solutions. A social impact company has responded, bringing creativity and new tools to vastly extend the reach of medical training to doctors and other healthcare professionals across India and sub-Saharan Africa–areas that have been hugely underserved. With a social impact mission at its core and a suite of products to match, Tech Care for All is democratizing access to training and care in a time of urgent need.

Digital innovation has made era-defining impacts on medical treatment and the healthcare industry over the past ten years. Yet the Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the uptake of healthcare innovation in an unprecedented year. Never before has a health crisis halted the entire global economy, painfully demonstrating how public health imperatives that save millions of lives can also create great economic hardship for many. The pandemic has exposed the need for both resilience and innovation in our healthcare systems.

Perfectly understanding these needs is Tech Care for All, a digital health social impact company focused on sustainably transforming health outcomes in Africa and Asia. Registered in Belgium and with affiliates in India, Kenya, Senegal and Niger, Tech Care for All’s digital product portfolio solves for three major problems in healthcare: provider skill-gaps, poor patient access to care, and lack of health data to inform decision-making. Across its operating countries, the company delivers digital health to clients in both public and private healthcare sectors, joining with customers in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry, NGOs, governments, medical associations, and individual practitioners, to work collaboratively and solve problems digitally.

Connected care—sometimes called “technology-enabled care” is a uniquely powerful means to deliver affordable and high-quality care to patients everywhere, even at the last mile. Connected care embraces point-of-care software to guide providers, diagnostic devices that Bluetooth directly into digital records, teleconsultation solutions that bring distant doctors right into the room, and other digital tools enhancing patient engagement and care. Tech Care for All plays in the connected care space with its super-portable ReMeDi Nova diagnostic / teleconsultation device as well as iDeliver, a novel software solution to improve quality of care in busy labor and delivery wards.

As part of its social impact mission, Tech Care for All also seeks to massively increase and democratize learning opportunities for healthcare professionals—especially those in places where today such opportunities are scarce. The company’s flagship product is the Medical Learning Hub (MLH): a platform that enables health professionals to easily search and sign up for training globally—like a or Agoda for medical learning. During the Covid-19 pandemic, TC4A has offered Medical Learning Hub (MLH) at no cost to medical associations and NGOs to facilitate global exchange of clinical experience with the coronavirus. Today, MLH connects with more than 400,000 healthcare professionals across India and Africa. MLH enables providers to access all types of continuing medical education (CME) through a single website—from self-paced courses to live webinars, surgical demonstrations and even on-site opportunities.

In responding to the huge and sudden need for e-Learning created by the pandemic crisis, Medical Learning Hub has squeezed bitter lemons into lemonade. Through collaborations with numerous medical associations and hospital networks across India and beyond, Medical Learning Hub has helped doctors and nurses master the latest developments in treatment and management of Covid-19. And when the pandemic also put a sudden stop to hands-on training for surgeons, MLH bridged this critical gap by hosting live-online surgeries for specialized surgeon audiences—a first of its kind in India.

The leaders of Tech Care for All believe deeply in digital health innovation as a unique opportunity to accelerate sustainable access to quality care in Africa and Asia.

“We have witnessed a major positive shift in the appetite of individuals and industry to adopt digital technology across our portfolio. Both clients and individuals will look at creating a balance in all our digital sectors during 2021-2022.  Even as the hybrid model of physician engagement continues to evolve, no one can dispute that digital health has been turbo-charged this past year. It’s here to grow, and we could not be more optimistic,”

concludes the company’s India CEO Dr Sachin Malhotra.

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