TAMP-High Tech Surgery Association HTC form Alliance to Enable Surgeons

8 December 2021

TAMP-HTC has formed an alliance to combine High Tech Surgery with Digital Health Innovation for a new Digital Innovation Upskilling Program (DIUP) called “Digital Surgery” that will be available to all member surgeons on the Digital Health Innovation Platform (DHIP) AMPdr.  Nearly every global organization from WHO to the European Commission has called Digital Upskilling “crucial” for all global healthcare workers.

TAMP has worked with surgeons from all over the world. Now we are able to offer surgeons something very special together with our new Strategic Alliance, the High Tech Surgery Association HTC:  Surgery + Digital Health.  Why is this important now? A November 2020 CPME Policy on Digital Competencies for Doctors declares that Doctor Digital Health Literacy is crucial to transforming healthcare yet very few, if any, real solutions are available to doctors.

The best way for Doctors to gain these crucial digital skills is for Doctor Innovators to share their own Real Life Experiences and for surgeons that now means in “Digital Surgery”.  Gaining this practical, real-world experience first-hand will provide you an even GREATER advantage because you can immediately apply what has worked for other trusted surgeon colleagues, enabling you to lead innovation and solve your own pains!  

The High Tech Surgery Association HTC and TAMP will soon offer access to something wonderful that will raise your game to PEAK PERFORMANCE! If you are surgeon, either now involved in high tech surgery/digital health innovation or know you need to learn more, you will now be able to take advantage of both these offers at once, including a special Digital Surgery package:  Join as a HTC member now https://htcassociation.org/membership/ and you will gain access to all the benefits of High Tech Surgery PLUS you will be FIRST to access a premium Digital Surgery program and gain all the benefits TAMP is offering through its global ecosystem that includes the Digital Health Innovation Platform (DHIP).

Digital Surgery is growing, and you will want to be a part of it. It improves surgeries, reduces risk, improves precision of expert surgeons, and improves patient care delivery and outcomes. A recent McKinsey study analyzing 500 digital health research papers showed a positive impact on patient care and this is only the beginning.

The Doctor First Digital Health Innovation program does more than just augment expert surgeons and improve patient outcomes. It makes surgeons doctor innovator leaders, which lowers stress and burnout, improves respect as a doctor innovator and enables them as a key part of digital health innovation. Studies have shown that people involved in creative activities are happier! Doctor Innovators are happier, have more quality time with patients and family, and higher revenues. These study results have been confirmed by many doctors in our own design thinking interviews conducted over two years. Enabled Doctor-Innovator to reduce stress and prevent burnout by adding a greater sense of purpose and having direct control in creating the digital health innovations that they must use.

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