Tales from Canada, Italy, Wales, Spain, Northern Ireland, Manchester and Greece on how COVID-19 has impacted and changed home and social care

14 May 2020

We had the pleasure of hosting a very busy Pop-Up Ecosystem today focusing on the challenges in Home and Social Care with the COVID-19 Emergency. We have fantastic input from our Ecosystems in Italy, Wales, Greece, Northern Ireland and North West England and for the first time our soon to launch ecosystem in Montreal – Canada

Our members, also took part and we had great input from Connected Health, Elemental and Tunstall in Spain showcasing the needs and solutions that they have created to meet the demands of COVID-19. 

Thanks to all the speakers, partners and attendees that made this great event happen.

We will be continuing this series with Pop-Ups dedicated next to Mental Health, Dementia, Data Donation, Match Demand and Supply, as well as, 2 exciting Pop-Ups targeting Canada and Europe and Australia and Europe as part of our role as the Global Connector, more information here

See the speakers presentations here

Watch the recording webinar now:

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