SurgiQ selected for the Village Capital – IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

4 October 2022

ECHAlliance member SurgiQ has been selected by IBM and Village Capital for the Hyper Protect Accelerator. The company will be able to leverage on IBM’s secure Cloud to provide its solutions for healthcare resource optimization.

In its journey to provide hospitals with innovative AI solutions to effectively plan their resources and increment operational efficiency, SurgiQ always strives to deliver the highest possible level of security. 

Those two values have been noticed by the Village Capital and IBM team which received more than 600 applications from more than 20 countries. As a company entering the 2022’s edition of the Hyper Protect Accelerator, SurgiQ will be exposed to several relevant stakeholders including potential clients, mentors, and investors.

“Being in such an acceleration program,“ said Ivan Porro, CEO and co-founder of SurgiQ “is something we really need to achieve scale in our business. Our dedication to making hospitals work better, thus allowing more and more patients to received care, has an impact that the selection committee appreciated. We’re happy to leverage on know-how and resources that IBM and Village Capital will give us, and we’ll use them make our solutions even more scalable and secure.”

As a member of the program, SurgiQ receives up to $120,000 technology credits to use IBM’s suite of services, including industry leading data protection with IBM Hyper Protect Services running on IBM Cloud.

About the program

IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator ‘22 is an investment-readiness and technical mentorship program, run in partnership with Village Capital.

The program favors impact-focused startups leveraging highly sensitive data to improve the quality of, and access to, digital, financial and healthcare services. Find out more about the program here.

Discover more about SurgiQ:

SurgiQ solves complex planning problems involving highly valuable and critical healthcare resources. Using its AI-based planning algorithms, SurgiQ designed vertical applications capable of dramatically enhancing any complex resource planning. The company already demonstrated the impact of its technology in surgical, rehabilitation and infusion room settings. SurgiQ is now launching its offering as a Cloud-based engine which is being integrated into products and services from key partners.

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