Strata PathWays Used to Enhance GP Integration in Morecambe Bay

16 September 2021

Strata Health UK improves primary care integration and referrals by advancing the quality and reliability of patient records and data.

(August 2021) The Strata Health UK team, working in collaboration with clinicians in Morecambe Bay CCG, have created a custom dataset that provides the detailed data required for primary care clinicians to make high-quality referrals.

While integration between Primary Care Systems and Strata PathWays in Morecambe Bay has been in place for several years, the data accessible was limited and it was typically view only.

Working with Healthcare Gateway, the new Strata PathWays integration includes the addition of consultation and biophysical data to the dataset in structured form, mapping the data into an appropriate place within referral forms contained in Strata PathWays software.

This new integration will improve the quality of referrals made by primary care clinicians in the Morecambe Bay region by:

  • Reducing the time spent on data entry by automatically populating referral data.
  • Improving the quality of referrals by ensuring rich data is populated directly from patient records.
  • Improving access to services for patients by ensuring quality, accuracy and expediency in the referral process.

Strata Health UK is pleased with the results of the data integration in Morecambe Bay. We look forward to continuing to work with our stakeholders across the healthcare continuum to improve patient flow, patient choice and health systems.

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