The Access Group: Springing into Social Prescribing

13 March 2023

In this piece, The Access Group gives us an overview of their March updates

March is officially social prescribing month and rightly so a busy month for all social prescribing services.
With Social Prescribing Day just around the corner, this month will be busier than ever for Access
Elemental Social Prescribing.

We cannot wait to celebrate with our customers and promote the amazing work social prescribing can do up and down the country. This month we are also working hard to embed social prescribing further within PCNs and other sectors too. 

We want to help local authorities reduce their health inequalities and help improve their community’s health and wellbeing. 

How are we celebrating Social Prescribing Day 2023?

This year is a very big year for us at Access Elemental Social Prescribing. It’s been 10 years since Access Elemental Social Prescribing started, and this Social Prescribing Day we cannot wait to celebrate our growth and our customers’ achievements.

In the last ten years we have worked with over 3,900 social prescribing link workers with over 26,900 referrals being made. It has been great to watch us grow and help spread the word about social prescribing and how it can help individuals across all communities.

Our customers help provide a plethora of evidence for social prescribing and across March we will be celebrating and sharing some of our customers biggest achievements since they started working with us. 

We are getting involved in a variety of social prescribing day activities. Jennifer Neff, the Co-Founder of Access Elemental Social Prescribing, will be getting involved in  Southbank Centre’s social prescribing show. Why not book your ticket for the event and be a part of Southbank Centre’s social prescribing show too.

We are also going to be sharing across our socials everything we are involved in to celebrate all things social prescribing.

If you want to see what we get up to and how we are celebrating 10 years of Access Elemental Social Prescribing, then follow our LinkedIn and you can see it all in one place.

Putting proactive into social prescribing 

This month we are working hard to help spread the one about proactive social prescribing and the importance of embedding more social prescribing link workers into PCNs. But what is proactive social prescribing?

Proactive social prescribing is part of a community development that is built to tackle the health inequalities in the community. This month we will be working hard to help embed social prescribing successfully into PCNS by sharing why proactive social prescribing is important, and what the benefits are for people, the community, and PCNs themselves. 

Our work to embed more social prescribing into PCNs doesn’t stop there. We have also be sharing our content on what population health management is, why it is important, and how our social prescribing software can help you to have multi-sector partnerships working together to eliminate care gaps in your community’s support services.

By having effective population health management your community can have more person-centred care, reduce gaps in provision, costs, and GP attendance to name a few. 

Our social prescribing platform helps you manage your population health management more effectively by offering bespoke dashboards to help you manage and manipulate your data to track your specific goals. 

But, our work doesn’t stop there either, this month we are also busy promoting our upcoming webinar for next month. We will be joined by speakers from EMIS Health and we will be showing how our enhancements to our two-way integration with EMIS Health will make managing social prescribing referrals even easier.  

Register your interest today and see how we are embedding social prescribing in PCNs more effectively. 

How can social prescribing help local authorities overcome housing issues?

At Access Elemental Social Prescribing we know social prescribing works in more than just the health sector. We understand how the wider social determinants of health can impact anyone at any time, and that this has been exacerbated due to the cost of living crisis. 

It has been argued that housing is one of the top 3 issues facing the UK currently. The lack of affordable, high quality housing often leads to many paying over the odds in poorer quality housing which then negatively impacts both their physical and mental health. More and more people are becoming homeless and are heavily relying on local authorities to help. 

We are working hard with some of our customers to demonstrate how social prescribing can help in housing, and how it benefits the people and their communities alike. 

At Access Elemental Social Prescribing we wanted to promote how social prescribing helps overcome housing issues by reconnecting individuals to their communities. We have demonstrated this by sharing a social prescribing journey in housing. 

This video addresses Peter’s story and shows how Peter starts his social prescribing journey by being referred by a housing officer and how social prescribing helps Peter gain financial advice and support to reconnect with his community by joining in social and digital activities.

For more information in how our social prescribing software can help local authorities overcome the current housing problems, contact us today and we can start your digital journey to ensure everyone is happier in their own homes. 

It’s safe to say that spring has definitely sprung for us at Access Elemental Social Prescribing. We are going to be working very hard this month to ensure new beginnings within social prescribing are successful. 

Whether that’s embedding social prescribing further into PCNs to make managing referrals easier, or providing evidence for social prescribing in more than just healthcare. 

This month is definitely a month for celebration. A month to celebrate 10 years of Access Elemental and everything our customers have achieved with us over that time, as well as the achievements that are yet to come.

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