SecurIT 1st Open Call for Applicants

29 March 2022

Get up to 88K€ to develop your security solution and cooperate with EU Top Security Clusters

SecurIT will select up to 21 projects per Open Call aiming to develop new prototypes or demonstrators in the Security and Cybersecurity domains with support from SecurIT consortium. 

Projects must be submitted by the consortia of at least 2 SMEs and should address one of the SecurIT Challenges.

SecureIT is looking for Consortia of at least 2 SMEs (Registered Legal Person) established in: 

The ideal applicant is a consortium composed of at least 2 (two) SMEs from different eligible countries, however, we also accept consortia of SMEs registered in the same country. Please be aware that international consortia will get a bonus in the scoring process.

At least one of the SMEs should be a technology/IT solution provider.

Apply by 26 April 2022. 


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