Rising to the Challenge – ECHAlliance – Member to Member Demand and Supply Opportunities targeting COVID-19

9 April 2020

In what has been a short period of major sadness, challenge and disruption for our entire community with the COVID-19 emergency we have sought to offer a place for our members to share their needs and demands, solutions and products as well as opportunities for sharing best practice, accessing funding to help tackle COVID-19. Over the last 3 weeks we have built, adapted and presented a series of weekly Member to Member Collaborations that has grown in scale and impact.

We are so pleased to see our members continuing to want to engage, listen and collaborate where they can. The new norm for many changes not from week to week but day by day with fresh demands and impacts on all our communities. The impact on frontline services has tested many disaster recovery plans and risk management plans however the size of the response, the number of volunteers and the level of collaboration across cities, regions and nations has been heartwarming.

We will continue these Member to Member opportunities to collaborate beginning again on the 14th April. If you want to receive these directly or get involved then please do not hesitate to contact me [email protected] and also join our community by becoming a member HERE using our new improved member pages.

It is worth remembering that there will be time when we be able to look back at this. It may not be soon but by collaborating together we can make this sooner.

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