Registration for the online conference entitled “AI w Zdrowiu”, which will be held on June 8, 2021, is now opened!

5 May 2021

The conference is the first event in Poland dedicated to artificial intelligence in health only, bringing together the largest, most important industry organizations, as well as representatives of the public side. Andy Bleaden from ECHAlliance will also be presenting.

The Council of Ministers adopted the “Policy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Poland”, which is one of the key moments in the development of AI in Poland. Coordination of activities and initiatives in the area of regulations undertaken by key AI stakeholders in the Polish health care system will contribute to establishing a coherent strategy for AI development in Poland.

“We are witnessing technological changes in the field of AI, which have a transformative impact on the health care system, the development of scientific research and patient care,” says Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation and Leader of the AI Coalition in Health.

The aim of the conference is to create a platform for the exchange of national and foreign knowledge and experience in the field of medical regulations, technologies and standards, which will help to fully use the potential of AI in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

The organizers of the conference are the Polish Hospital Federation, the British Embassy, Wroclaw Medical University and the AI Coalition in Health. The conference will be free of charge and held online with simultaneous translation into English on June 8, 2021.

During the conference, the Report “Top Disruptors in Healthcare 2021” will be officially presented, which is the only report in Poland inventorying the Polish medtech sector. This year’s edition of the Report was attended by 115 medical startups, moreover, it obtained over 50 patrons, including support from key public entities supporting innovation, industry organizations and media partners.

People and organizations interested in participating in the conference are invited to register at (english tab) or and to contact:

Ligia Kornowska

Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation 

Leader of the AI Coalition in Health

Phone number: 690 875 075 

E-mail: [email protected]

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