Public procurement of innovative implantable pacemakers coming up

11 November 2019

Save the date: The RITMOCORE consortium – four hospitals and hospital foundations in Spain and the UK – expects to launch the call for tenders for their public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) in November 2019. This PPI deploys innovative service provisioning of implantable pacemakers.


RITMOCORE is a Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) project, funded by the European Union under Horizon2020, addressing the evolution in the treatment of patients using or in need of an implantable pacemaker (PM). Moving from a conventional purchasing of devices to an innovative service provision.

How does it work?

The PPI instrument is used to facilitate the uptake of innovative solutions and to incentivise a co-creation process between stakeholders. Linking the offer from pacemaker manufacturers and companies developing supporting technology with the unmet need of health care professionals and patients.


To increase quality of care and patient experience, monitor pacemakers (PM) performance and making better use of all recorded data, establish a win-win purchasing model, and empower and activate the patient. Powered by the implementation of an innovative care model enhanced by ICT solutions.

Interested in participating?

RITMOCORE is soon to launch it’s tender. Are you interested in participating or just want to be up to date of the progress? Here we list the following options for you:

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