Orcha recommends ‘Three apps for dementia’

5 September 2019

On behalf of NHS organisations, ORCHA tests more apps than anyone else, looking at effectiveness, safety, security and usability. Here are three top scoring apps that are designed to people with dementia and their carers:

DST: Dementia Test is a medical device that can help to detect the early stages of dementia, and can be used over a prolonged period by allowing users to save their results.

Dementia guide for carers and care providers is a pocket guide for both care providers and carers of people with dementia, providing information on a range of topics from people who have firsthand experience of caring for those with dementia.

TabCare is an app that incorporates a Panic Alarm, location tracker and heart-rate monitor. A patient can press the Panic Alarm at any moment to alert their carer, who will then receive location information so that the user can receive the help they need.

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