Open Medical is thrilled to be the newest member of ECHAlliance

31 August 2022

Learn more about our market-leading platform Pathpoint & find out about the people behind the software.

Open Medical are thrilled to be joining the ECHAlliance to further empower healthcare providers across the globe on their digital transformation journey. 

We are a team of clinically-led digital health pioneers who work with hospitals and clinicians to enhance patient outcomes and optimise clinical productivity through end-to-end pathways. Our cloud-based platform Pathpoint® is the market-leading system to prioritise, synchronise and visualise clinical team workflows across regions, hospitals and departments. 

Our mission is to empower healthcare providers worldwide to deliver the best data-driven care by optimising clinical pathways, coordinating distributed teams and enabling seamless collaboration safely, securely and sustainably. We are proud to be joining the healthcare provider on their journey of digital transformation to deliver streamlined clinical workflows as part of an interoperable digital ecosystem.

Open Medical’s platforms serve thousands of healthcare professionals across over 100 NHS sites in the UK and HSE sites in Ireland, providing over 250 customised digital patient care pathways.

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