Open co-design workshop on next generation tools to manage Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Multiple Sclerosis

20 May 2021

Started on January 2021, the 4 years Horizon 2020 BRAINTEASER project seeks to exploit the value of artificial intelligence, big data—including those related to health, lifestyle habits and environment—, low-cost sensors and smart apps to support patients living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS) and their caregivers. Its goal is to develop patient stratification and disease progression models to detect, alleviate and manage the negative impact induced by factors that contribute to the diseases cause, progression and survival. BRAINTEASER multidisciplinary approach, guided by a strong focus on co-design methodologies, will pave the path for patients toward a healthier and more fulfilling life and will support the enhancement of public health systems’ capacities to adopt a more predictive and personalised approach to health.

The “Open co-design workshop on next generation tools to manage ALS and MS” follows a series of two previous events opened only to the project’s consortium members aimed at exploring and defining the BRAINTEASER stakeholders’ ecosystem, the user’s needs and profiles and the potential clinical use of the project’s technology. 

To reinforce and enrich the relevant feedback and information already provided by the BRAINTEASER clinical teams, the project has decided to listen to the voice of a larger key audience and additional relevant experts.

During the open co-design workshop, the initial BRAINTEASER technical solution will be presented.  The external experts and the audience will be involved in a collaborative and participative discussion on clinical unmet needs, disease course, clinical practice and new emerging research on ALS and MS to assess the BRAINTEASER solution and propose possible refinements. 


Moderator: Manuel Ottaviano, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

10:30Welcome and overall project presentation
Maria Fernanda Cabrera
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
10:45Challenges faced by BRAINTEASER
Barbara Di Camillo
Università di Padova
11:00                     Co-design session on the preliminary BRAINTEASER concept – Panel discussions 
– Medical and scientific experts in ALS and MS
– Patient and Family associations MS and ALS 
– Experts in environmental sensors and or / environmental health / urban health
Workshop’s audience involvement in co-design activities
12:20Q&A Session
12:45Closing remarks
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