Online pharmacies’ vision for a sustainable sector in Europe

24 November 2022

Take a look at the latest Sustainability Position by the European Association of E-Pharmacies.

As pioneers in providing and using digital solutions and innovative processes to support patients through health data, online pharmacies have an important role to play in the green transition, and even can set an example as healthcare providers to reduce emissions in the healthcare sector.

The recent paper, published by the European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) in November 2022, tackles the sector’s vision for a sustainable pharmacy sector in Europe. This is based on 3 pillars:

– Building a Sustainable Economy
– Favouring a SustainableTransformation of the healthcare sector
– Supporting the EU policymakers’ commitment to creating a Sustainable Future

Discover more about European Association of E-Pharmacies:

The European Association of E-Pharmacies (EAEP) represents the interests of e-pharmacies on the European continent. Founded in 2001 and with its name change in 2021, the EAEP voices its interests mainly with political stakeholders, regional and business actors, with the ultimate aim to improve the health of Europe’s citizens and strengthen the European healthcare system. E-Pharmacies have digitalised the classical pharmacy, and therefore act at the crossroads of digitalisation, healthcare, e-commerce and sustainability. As pioneers in providing digital solutions and our innovative and secure processes in dealing with health data, offering medicinal products and digital healthcare service while complying with national and EU law, the EAEP members continuously seek for ways to enhance the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare for Europeans.

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