Webinar between Ibero-American Health Ecosystems: Sharing experiences to combat COVID-19

Webinar between Ibero-American Health Ecosystems: Sharing experiences to combat COVID-19
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Mission completed. On Apr 28 we hosted our first Ibero-American webinar to offer a virtual space for the Spanish speaking Health Community. Our aim, to exchange perspectives, solutions and ideas and moreover facilitate knowledge transfer as a response to COVID-19.

With our kick-off event we managed to leverage the knowledge exchange among several countries, initiating a dialogue to open up opportunities and speed up solutions in times of COVID-19. Being thrilled by all the initiatives and projects presented with a high focus on innovative solutions and the openness to strengthen collaborative models, we are now intensively working on defining with our partners a way forward to foster and extend cross-border collaboration efforts by a need-led conversation.

Very special thanks go out to our partners:
Cluster Médico Jalisco, UMA Health, Smart People, cibersalud and Revista Salud Digital Latinoamérica

Together, we were able to build a diverse agenda (access full agenda). We were able to feature 6 countries from the Ibero-American region, sharing insights and innovation with an audience across countries from France, Germany, United States, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Brasil.

Webinar presentations

If you are interested in more details, watch the recording of the webinar here (in Spanish).


Next steps we want to share with you

1. ECHAlliance Connected Health Ecosystems Country Meeting

In order to be able to go deeper and offer more interactive sessions we are planning country meetings. This means that we are going to create a virtual space for each country with the following format:

Presentation: 4-5 speakers per session / country (multi-sector actors)

Duration: 90 min

Approach: Based on the following questions

  • What are your priorities for improvement in your health care system?
  • What kind of technology do you think is needed to transform health services in your country?
  • In which areas do you think help is needed?
  • What innovations in health services and experiences would you like to share with other ecosystems?
  • What is your expectation out of the webinar session?

Audience: the selected country and open to participants from all over the Ibero-American region

We invite you to participate in a survey to collect your ideas and suggestions. To do so, please use the following link. Thank you very much!

This is our proposed program

  • May 22: Argentina
  • June 4: Mexico
  • June 18: Chile
  • More dates to follow

Contact me at Elisa@echalliance.com if you want to set up a session dedicated to your country.

2. ECHAlliance Meeting of Ibero-American Ecosystems in Connected Health

We are pleased to follow up the first successful webinar session from April 23 with our second virtual ECHAlliance Meeting of Ibero-American Ecosystems in Connected Health. The next meeting will be hosted July 2. By further strengthening collaboration between regions and countries, we are working on the following format and theme.

Presentation: 7 speakers (actors from multiple sectors, e.g. research, healthcare providers, patient groups, corporates, start ups, insurance)

Duration: 90 min

Theme: How telemedicine can transform health services 

Audience: Latin America Region

Date: July 2

We invite you to share the topics/themes you consider of interest so that we can coordinate speakers, ideas, concerns and suggestions. You want to contribute your ideas, fill in the following form.

You have an idea for the Ibero-American sessions you want to share with us, please reach out to elisa@echalliance.com


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