The Medical Device Manufacturer Revolutionizing the Thermometry Industry

The Medical Device Manufacturer Revolutionizing the Thermometry Industry
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Who is TriMedika and how are they revolutionizing the thermometry industry globally? What is their success so far and where are they hoping to target next? What is TRITEMP™ and how can TRITEMP™ benefit hospitals worldwide? Find all all about it in this article.

TriMedika – Redefining Care

TriMedika is an innovative medical technology company that provides the most accurate clinical devices for hospitals worldwide. We look healthcare challenges in the eye and make a promise to protect people and the planet through meaningful technology. 

At TriMedika we’re inspired by our own first-hand experience of the challenges of healthcare. By asking the right questions, we solve simple but critical, everyday problems. 

An ISO 13485:2016 accredited company, we specialize in products for hospitals and clinics. Our medically graded thermometers are currently in over 21 countries and 1500 hospitals worldwide and our sights are set on US market entry as the next exciting development. 

TRITEMP™ – A Non-Contact Leader in Temperature Measurement

We refuse to settle for less than optimum patient care, that’s why we developed TRITEMP™ non-contact thermometer, for use in healthcare settings. 

We realize that frontline staff deserve the best tools so that they can in turn, deliver the highest patient care. TRITEMP™ is an exemplar of medical technology devices; a precision-engineered tool.

What are the benefits of TRITEMP™?

  1. Infection Control
  • 90% of respondents in a study by a UK Healthcare Trust strongly agreed TRITEMP™ has the potential to prevent the transmission of infection1.
  • 8 out of 10 infectious diseases are spread by touch2. TRITEMP™ eliminates the need for millions of unnecessary contact points with patients. 
  1. Time Saving
  • Our simple TAP&TAKE technology unlocks the full potential of staff and specialists and gives them back time to do what they do best – care.
  • End users in a study by a UK Healthcare Trust using TRITEMP™ reported that it was time consuming having to refill probe covers when using tympanics1.
  1. Cost Saving
  • Our thermometers significantly benefit procurement budgets by removing the need for single use plastic probe covers. 
  • Over 70% of nursing staff strongly agreed that TRITEMP™ will help reduce consumables and save hospitals money1.
  1. Sustainable
  • A 900-bed hospital using traditional contact thermometers will use 2-3 million plastic probe covers per year3.
  • We’re paving the way environmentally, with a sustainable approach. No plastic consumables, less waste, less cost. 

Recognized as disruptors in the healthcare industry, TriMedika has featured in the Sunday Times Maserati Top 100 ‘game changing entrepreneurs’. We’re currently engaging in research and development to pave the way for a connected future for our devices.

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  1. Why are thermometers important?

Thermometers measure body temperature which is important in medicine. Many diseases and conditions, from the common cold to cancer, can create elevated temperature or fever, which is simply the body’s way of fighting an infection. 

A healthy adult temperature is normally around 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit. If a person begins to feel warm, cold, or shivery then they may have a body temperature which is raised above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Using an accurate thermometer such as TRITEMP™ is an essential way of recognising that the body is fighting an infection. In the case of a virus such as COVID-19, early detection is key to minimizing the spread of the disease.

  1. What is a forehead thermometer?

A forehead thermometer relies on infrared sensors to accurately measure the core temperature of a branch of the carotid artery known as the superficial temporal artery. Non-contact forehead thermometers have long been seen as a convenient way to measure temperature, but they have significantly increased in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Physical contact isn’t required to take a precise reading, so forehead thermometers are optimal for use in a clinical setting, as they enable healthcare professionals to take temperatures quickly whilst removing the risk of cross infection from the thermometer. 

There are many infrared forehead thermometers in the marketplace designed for screening or home purposes. Healthcare Professionals should look for medically-graded thermometers such as the TRITEMP™ which offer superior accuracy and are robust enough to stand up to a busy ward setting. 

  1. How do you use a forehead thermometer?

Forehead thermometers are exceptionally easy to use. As infrared energy travels in straight lines, the person taking the reading must stand with a straight arm facing the person. Clear any obstacles such as hair or headwear out of the way before use and then aim at the area slightly above and between the persons eyebrows. 

If pointed slightly up or down, the TRITEMP™ thermometer will register a misalignment and will fail to provide a reading as a safety feature. Simply try again with a straighter arm. 

The patient’s temperature will be displayed on the screen of the TRITEMP™ thermometer.

  1. Why are thermometers important in hospitals?

Temperature is an important, and often early indication that your body is fighting an infection. Monitoring body temperature can help Healthcare Professionals detect illness and also determine if any given treatment is working.

In a hospital environment, temperature measurement is essential, particularly during the COVID pandemic where an elevated core body temperature is a key indicator. Thermometers are used in every hospital, on every ward, on every patient. This makes thermometers a core medical device needed by every hospital. 

The TRITEMP™ thermometer is a medically-graded device, designed with nurses in mind. 


1 2019 report ‘Evaluation of an electronic non-touch thermometer and the management of electronic tympanic thermometers in 4 acute care wards’, South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

2 Figure correct according to Colin Clarke, Infection Prevention Head Nurse in Northern Ireland


Discover more about TriMedika:

TriMedika is an innovative medical technology company that provides the most accurate clinical devices for hospitals worldwide. The first product to market is TRITEMP™, a precision engineered, hospital-grade non-contact thermometer sold in 21 countries internationally and over 1500 hospitals.


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