Speakers' Corner @ EIP AHA 6 December 2016

Speakers’ Corner @ EIP AHA 6 December 2016
Horizon 2020

Organised by the European Connected Health Alliance

COME ALONG to the INNOVATION ARENA (at main entrance to Exhibition Hall) during your coffee and lunch breaks & hear about the exciting digital developments in the areas of health, connected care and wellbeing, and the impact of new innovation on people’s lives.

Slides are available below, where Speaker has given permission

Morning Coffee Break Session

Miguel Alborg, IDI EIKON

Integrated Care: ^ Quality; ^ Efficiency: View Presentation Here

Daniele Fontanelli, University of Trento, Italy

ACANTO: A Cyber-physical Social Network using Robot Friends: View Presentation Here

Adam Santorelli, National University of Ireland, Galway

What people with dementia want from MARIO: View Presentation Here

Lunchtime Session

Martin Petzold, Simplify Digital Life

Simplify Digital Life

The Hon. William Beckett, Hip Impact Protection

Saving hips, Preventing falls, Saving lives, Saving €bn: View Presentation Here

Christopher Bristow, BetterPoints Ltd

Tackling lifestyle diseases with evidence led behaviour change technology: View Presentation Here

Dr. Ing Maja Rudinac, Robot Care Systems

LEA – Lean Empowering Assistant: View Presentation Here

Andrew Gilmour, StoriiCare

StoriiCare: Improving Lives through memories: View Presentation Here

Heikki Raisanen, Emfit Ltd

Emfit QS – Athletes’ sleep tracker improves now also senior care outcome: View Presentation Here

Michael Brandstötter, Cogvis

3D visual computing for your aging solutions: View Presentation Here

Sofoklis Kyriazakos, Innovation Sprint Sprl

Take control of your life at home – CloudCare2U: View Presentation Here

Roel Smolders, Activ84Health

Activ84Health: Your window to the world: View Presentation Here

Dr. Martijn Vastenburg, ConnectedCare b.v

ConnectedCare – A best practice of how to use a digital care collaboration platform to boost collaboration between formal and informal caregivers, improve quality of care and improve efficiency.: View Presentation Here

Dr Kieran Moran, Dublin City University, Ireland

Pathway H2020: Technology enabled behavioural change as a pathway towards better self-management of cardiovascular disease: View Presentation Here

Fotis E. Psomopoulos, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece

Assistive Robots as Future Caregivers: The RAPP Approach: View Presentation Here

Jim Roldan MD, Linkcare Health Services

Healthcare for Everyone, Anywhere: View Presentation Here

Reinier Koeleman, Sensara

Sensara Lifestyle monitoring for preventive healthcare: View Presentation Here

Afternoon Coffee Break Session

Antonio Ascolese, imaginary srl

REHABILITY: Rehabilitation through games: View Presentation Here

Michel D’Havé, COMmeto bvba

AXO-SUIT, a modular assistive exoskeleton: View Presentation Here

Damian O’Connor, ECHAlliance

Driving Collaboration through effective ecosystems networks: View Presentation Here

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