Serbia – Health Tech Ecosystem - ECHAlliance Ecosystem of the Month - February

Serbia – Health Tech Ecosystem – ECHAlliance Ecosystem of the Month – February

1. What is the aproxamate stakeholder breakdown of your ecosystem?

Patients and Citizens

Patients and Citizens represent the core of all HTL ecosystem activities. More precisely, HTL activities are focused on resolving the challenges of this group through multiple innovative solutions.


This group that provides innovative solutions for Patients and citizens. They include startups in health-tech, biotech and medtech, resolving some of the burning issues in mental health, chronic and other disease, providing solutions in disease management and therapies by using all 4.0 technolgies and all other starte-of-the-art wet lab and nanotechnolgies.

Education & Research (health and tech)

E&R is important for more than 3 reasons, but we will name only 3 here:

  1. The HTL goal is to provide education to all medical operators and doctors of novel and innovative technologies and vice versa
  2. Students are prone to innovations more than professionals
  3. Research stems most innovations which is especially true for innovations in health and tech.


Industry involves health and tech companies that enable development of innovatives drugs, medical devices and other innovative solutions and provide them to hospitals, medical centers or directly to patients.


Funders support the development of innovation from idea until they reach the patients through funding, state and private, in all the stages, from research to implementation.

Policy makers

Policy makers are represented by the local Government and its institutions and other local, related authorities.

Health & Social care

Health & Social care – involves all hospitals, medical centers, state and private, professionals and providers, that will finally implement the innovative solutions with the patients. They need to understand, support and execute all health innovations and adavancements.

Check the Ecosystem breakdown here.

2. Who are the top 3 champions from your Ecosystem?

Top 3 companies from Serbian ecosystem:

  •      Anora – glove for the blind and visually impaired people
  •      Doktorijum – telemedicine platform
  •      HealthLY – unique mobile health management system.

3. What EU funding/collaboration are you involved with, or you would like to be part of?

Health Tech Lab is currently involved in multiple EU collaborations, mainly with Slovenia, Galicia, Austria, Bulgaria, but our outreach is global. Therefore, our initiatives are focused towards Israel, UK, US and then all developing countries for introducing our model into other developing health-tech ecosystems. Global collaboration is a priority, such as Startup Network and their Unicorn pitches which we are introducing for the first time in the region of the Western Balkans in 2021. 

4. What are the key priorities and themes for your ecosystem? 

The Serbian Government initiated this year the Coordinating body with active working groups on digitization and creation of electronic health records. Health Tech Lab sees this as an effort coming to fruition after 3 years of setting that as priority. In the near future,  Health Tech Lab will be introducing biotech and other technologies in Serbia as standard and expanding its model to other developing countries. 

5. What is your primary strength as an ecosystem?

Main strength of Serbian health-tech ecosystem is its strong technological background and problem solving skills. There is still to learn and build upon business and soft skills, but we are working on it.

Learn more about Serbia – Health Tech Ecosystem


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