Presentation of the winners of Pôle TES' call for expression of interest on the improvement of the patient's care journey

Presentation of the winners of Pôle TES’ call for expression of interest on the improvement of the patient’s care journey

This article introduces the type of calls we launch throughout the year with our partners in order to improve patient care thanks to innovative digital technologies. The 5 winning solutions of the last call are shortly described. They give an idea of the scope of topics we work on.

Pôle TES, Centre Henri Becquerel (Center for the fight against cancer) and their partners launched a call for expressions of interest to identify innovative digital solutions for improving the patient’s care journey.

This call named “Hospital of the Future” was aimed at innovative companies wishing to test their solutions (services of products) in real-life conditions in order to refine them thanks to user feedback, work on their practicality or durability, and to reinforce the credibility of their projects with investors.

In a few months, digital health has taken off. With the current health crisis, patients have understood the interest and usefulness of new technological tools. Aware of the stakes, notably relayed via the “Ma Santé 2022” (My Health 2022) initiative, Pôle TES, Centre Henri Becquerel and all their partners wish to take this approach one step further by seeking innovative solutions on this subject.

18 projects from all over France applied to this call.

5 companies were selected by a jury on June 2 and 3 to test their solutions with partners eager to innovate in their practice and find solutions to the problems they encounter.

  • F2D / Capital Innovation
    • F2D is a non-invasive connected device for the real-time monitoring of patient temperature.
  • Feel Object
    • Virtuoz is a tactile and vocal map that allows visually impaired and blind people to understand their environment and to move around independently.
  • Maela et Moooon
    • Maela is a remote monitoring solution that coordinates the patient’s care journey, prepares the patient’s hospital treatment in advance, and secures his/her return home. With Moooon, Maela adds an experimental dimension to the benefits of sound therapies.
  • Siah Health
    • SIAH proposes a medical device named SAFE PERF securing perfusions of involuntary removals and able to monitor the appearance of complications that this type of care can cause.
  • WEEM
    • Connected acoustic cabin for teleconsultation.


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