Meet the COVID-X #GameChangers – 16 European innovative, data-driven solutions tackling COVID-19

Meet the COVID-X #GameChangers – 16 European innovative, data-driven solutions tackling COVID-19
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The COVID-X Programme Open Call #1 closed on 27 January, gathering 112 applications from data technology companies and healthcare providers across 29 different countries in Europe and beyond. 16 single and team solutions were selected.  

The COVID-X Programme Open Call #1 closed on the 27 January, gathering 112 applications from data technology companies and healthcare providers across 29 different countries in Europe and beyond. 16 selected single and team solutions have been announced.  

COVID-X, supported by the European Commission under Horizon2020 Programme, runs a unique 10-month acceleration programme for 30 close-to-market data and AI-driven solutions to boost their market uptake and support healthcare systems and save lives of patients with COVID. 

COVID-X funds EU companies and healthcare providers to boost data-driven solutions with the power to overcome challenges in diagnosis, prognosis, and follow-up related to COVID-19. The funding is invested in products with TRL 7+ and [or in the process of] CE marking, covering two profiles: single players (EU Tech SMEs / Start-Ups) validating their solutions at one of COVID-X clinical partners; or team (tech provider working with a healthcare provider that will validate the solution).

All submitted applications went through a first pre-screening phase and selection process. At the end of the evaluations, 16 best-ranked solutions (3 single solutions and 13 team solutions) were selected within the COVID-X Programme.

Meet the #GameChangers

Single solutions:

  • SEGTNAN: Innovative AI software enabling individualized group testing at any laboratory. 
  • CAPTAIN-X: Remote personalised care and monitoring assistant for COVID-19 patients using speech recognition and AI for patient monitoring as well as video projectors for personalized care.  
  • LOMT: A  software for COVID-19 mass testing extending  the standard processes of molecular testing for SARS-CoV-2 RNA with advanced data analytics and pool testing. 

Team solutions:

  • COVID-19 TRIAGE: A  digital triaging tool for general practices for screening the risk of spreading the virus, for helping all patients to orient themselves for better care and for assisting physicians to diagnose more accurately.
  • C-ARM: It supports medical staff in risk assessment by  taking regular voice samples in 32 languages and creates a risk profile for new patients based on medical history, lifestyle and symptoms while showing a health trend for rehabilitating patients. 
  • COV-ART: It provides dynamic and personalized monitoring of laboratory test results to highlight early risk markers and suggest further tests. 
  • DDRehab: A system for remote physical and cognitive rehabilitation of long-lasting coronavirus patients through the use of a smartphone and by merging different sets of clinical data to set up personalised rehabilitation plans. 
  • KCOVRI: Used for the remote monitoring of patients after hospitalization,the service detects biomarkers for deterioration of the patient’s condition in order to identify those who require professional intervention.
  • Gaston scholar: Identifying COVID-19 patients in hospitals, saving test capacity and speeding up the testing,  the decision support system “GASTON scholar” safely excludes COVID-19 in more than 75% of admitted hospital patients, independent of a PCR-result. 
  • VADI: It identifies diseases by combining sound analysis and Artificial intelligence, and it detects vocal biomarkers of COVID-19 from the sound of cough, breath and speech.
  • Covid@home: A tool for home care monitoring leading to a better understanding on how to distribute the burden between the hospital care and the homecare. 
  • MADCAP: Targeting cardiovascular disease patients diagnosed with COVID-19, the solution supports the management of their remote care by gathering clinical and contextual patient data. 
  • TRAJECT: It uses Machine Learning algorithms to extract complex trajectories out of clinical  COVID-19 records, which will be deployed in an app assessing risks for specific patients. 
  • Care4Covid: Healthentia Care4COVID helps healthcare providers to improve their COVID-19 resilience by managing COVID-19 related symptoms of patients and health workers from remote and providing targeted support and care guidelines to them. 
  • AVIATE: Targeting patients’ continuous remote monitoring during hospitalization, the solution performs low-cost real-time detection of health deterioration and enables highlighting the most critical Covid-19 cases exploiting edge computing.
  • C@H: A remote care system of COVID-19 patients, with mild symptoms or asymptomatic that  collects  and analyzes biomarker results using novel published scoring algorithms and machine learning tools to assist physicians in their care decision making.

The total of co-funding for these solutions is € 2,200,000.

In addition to the direct funding, the COVID-X Programme provides the top-ranked solutions access in a tailored Acceleration Programme organised in 3 sprints of 3 months. It includes technical coaching business mentoring sessions as well as support in ethical issues and piloting with healthcare organisations, which will boost their quick market uptake with the ultimate goal to support European healthcare systems. 

Open Call#2 applications are now open and the deadline for the first stage will be on 22 July 2021 (17:00PM CEST): 


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